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Feb 9, 2013 1:05am PST
by posing as a taliban operative. as part of his plan, the fbi says he first wanted to bfrancil the san francisco federal reserve. then he decided it was too secure, so he chose the oakland bank of america site. according to the fbi, five-gallon buckets like this one filled with chemicals would have been the basic pieces of the bomb. agents say he purchased cell phones and other items to be used in avice. triggering devic. the plan was to dry the bomb and put it on an suv and detonated it in a spot to bring down the bank of america building. it is a plot b of a customers were shocked to hear about. >> >> wow, seriously? >> lanaza tried making contact shortly after getting out of jail on an illegal firearms charge. he was arrested at his father's san jose home in 2011. lanaza lived in an rv he often parked on the front driveway. his father would not let him into the home alone to safeguard his younger children because of his son's history of drug use and mental health issues. in april of 2011 he was arrested when police responded to a disturbance here. that's when police found he had an
Feb 10, 2013 2:00am PST
believed he was working with taliban operative. >> concerned that a mentally ill person might have been led into something by a government agency that maybe a person who did not sufficient from issues would not have been led into. >> bowman said the good news is that it appears he did respond well to medication and treatment so he says it's unfortunate his client is now facing federal charges. >> ama: the highway patrol is investigating a fatal accident that tied up traffic for hours in the east bay. it happened on westbound i-80 in richmond. the chp says an suv hit the center divide and rolled several times. the 23-year-old man behind the wheel was and i would his passenger was injured. traffic was backed up for miles are offers investigated the accident. all lanes re-open after three hours. >> the woman killed on her bike in front half at&t park has been identity. dianne sullivan was involved in a collision with a cement truck traveling west across fro the ballpark. the driver of the truck is cooperating and it does not appear drugs or alcohol were involved. >> police in berkeley are deal
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2